Breaking! China’s Secret ‘Floating Barrier’ Blocks Filipino Fishermen – What Happens Next Will Leave You Stunned!


Philippines Protests China’s ‘Floating Barrier’ in Disputed South China Sea Region

The Philippines has lodged a formal complaint against China, accusing its coast guard of erecting a “floating barrier” within the contested waters of the South China Sea. The barrier, according to the Philippines, has hindered Filipino fishermen from accessing and conducting their fishing activities in the area.

This dispute centers around the Scarborough Shoal, a contentious territory claimed by both nations. Commodore Jay Tarriela, a spokesperson for the Philippine coast guard, expressed strong condemnation for China’s actions, which he announced on the X social media platform (formerly known as Twitter). Tarriela stated that the barrier obstructed Filipino fishing vessels from entering the shoal, depriving them of their livelihoods.

The discovery of the 300-meter-long floating barrier was made during a routine patrol conducted by Philippine coast guard and fisheries bureau personnel. According to reports, China often deploys such barriers when they detect a high number of Filipino fishermen in the area. In response to the Philippine presence, China’s coast guard issued radio challenges and accused the Philippine ship and fishermen of violating Chinese laws.

This incident further escalates the ongoing tensions in the South China Sea, where multiple nations assert territorial claims and compete for control over valuable fishing grounds and maritime resources. The Philippines’ firm stance against China’s installation of the barrier underscores the deep-rooted territorial disputes in the region and the challenges in achieving a peaceful resolution.

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