Trump likes a Glock handgun.

Trump while on his campaign tour stopped by the gun shop and the viral story begins from there. He wanted to buy but he did not buy due to his legal ineligibility to buy weapon.

Donald Trump entertained the idea of acquiring a distinctive Glock pistol adorned with his visage during a recent visit to South Carolina. Accompanied by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, the former president made a stop at the Palmetto State Armory to peruse the firearms on display.

Among the weapons that caught Trump’s attention was a unique ‘Trump edition’ Glock pistol. This particular firearm sported an image of Trump on the handle and the words ‘Trump 45’ engraved on the chamber.

Expressing his interest, Trump remarked, “I’m going to buy one. I want to buy one.” He also voiced his admiration for the Glock brand, saying, “Isn’t Glock a great gun?” A salesperson chimed in, affirming that the Trump-branded Glock was indeed a popular item. Trump inquired further, asking, “They sell well?” Upon receiving a positive response, he humorously added, “They like me.”

The interaction was captured and shared on social media by Trump’s campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung. Cheung initially suggested that Trump had made the purchase, but he later clarified that the former president had not actually bought the firearm. As a result, he removed the video from X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

He did not buy the weapon, He knows the law. This news is just getting viral and everybody is cashing up.


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